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Good to see man’s greatest friend make the entrance web page for some good news. You heard it first from Big Red chooks. A new, locally owned fishing vessel is on the horizon! Here’s an idea for political reform chooks!

When will somebody invent a vaccine that may be injected into state works

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to guard them from a workshop attack? Symptoms of workshop fever are; fatigue, sleepiness, drooping eyes, sudden weight acquire, alcohol issues and general breakdown in immunity. Chook on the Rock from Mangaia says spending $60 million putting in new water pipes is like putting the cart before the horse. He says, construct the big reservoir first then you will have water to run through the pipes!

Not solely will competitors convey down costs, it's going to pressure all operators to reveal simply how excessive they have been maintaining costs on the public’s expense. All operators embrace the delivery firm that ships the gas north, the gas suppliers who supply the aircraft gasoline and the government itself who impose levies. US$800 million to convert the Cook Islands to renewable energy? The inhabitants is lower than 18,000 people!

The conditions are simply outrageous and completely unacceptable in this fashionable age. The House is no higher than the old “sweat houses” of northern England in the 1800s. It’s the unusual case of the lacking misty green water tank chooks! A massive green water tank which had been sitting on Avatiu wharf, minding its own business, was in December last year thought of a hazard within the event of a cyclone. It is assumed the Ports Authority could have asked someone to remove the tank. MOIP it appears put out a tender for the tank.

No announcement as yet from the taskforce chooks. Perhaps the members of the taskforceสล็อต are in rehab affected by after shock. Minor disaster for the PM simply again from overseas and due to attend the ceremonial opening of parliament! Seems he flew in without his suitcase containing his most intently fits.

Why are our feet caught in the mud? How come our tiny island is experiencing so many delays and “non-advancement? ” Some -one, some individuals or something has been holding back our rightful advancement.

Because the Speaker Sir Jiff has gone off to the Games! Well they have a Deputy Speaker don’t they? Also hopping aboard the plane was the PM. That’s why parliament was adjourned early chooks.

Why not simply consult the NZ Inland Revenue? Now that might have been innovative! After all NZ has had this tax for fairly a while. Talk about local Cook Islanders doing it for themselves and that has to be good chooks. Why bludge and sponge off government all of the time?

One cannot blame the annoyed Samoan transport fraternity for giving the Cook Islands a wide berth after the final frightening fiasco over cargo and funds. There is nothing straight forward to anything when dealing with a Cook Islander-as the Samoans now know! But they should have learnt that lesson last 12 months once they put a ship on to transport the northerners down for Te Maeva Nui.

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